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Anglický čtenář v Doubravníku [6]


Jste nachlazení, nebo vás postihla chřipka ?
V dnešní lekci navštívíme lékaře a probereme některé typické situace.


We have passed rather cruel winter and nowadays we are in the happy condition of being allowed (opis slovesa may) to chat about unpleasant matters connected with typical diseases, that happen very often properly during the winter time. This chat gives us opportunity to see how the Englishmen express various unpleasant feelings. Our situational English concerns some typical situations:

I. An Englishman narrates about his cold

The other day I had a cold. It was like that. I was sneezing, coughing and looking mournfully around me. I called to my colleague at work and said I wouldn't be in because I felt lousy. You must have one of those illnesses that are going all around the town, he said. You'll perfectly well tomorrow.

Eight hours seemed to be a reasonably time to have a cold and I was looking forward to staying in bed, particularly since I wanted to read an interesting book. Another friend of mine called and I told him of those things that's being going all around.
Are you sure it is only an eight-hour thing? If could be a more serious matter. Peter had it last week.
Do you have any fever?
A little.
That is a 24-hour illness, for sure. Drink lots of tea and take some pills, and you'll be able to shake it off.

I really hadn't counted on staying in bed for 24 hours. It is stupid to be in bed for 24 hours. My sister called up 10 minutes later. I said to her. I don't know how serious this illness might be, or if it is just a cold.
Is your nose red from blowing it?
Ah, sure it is. Why do you ask?
I have only the 24 hours thing.
Impossible, the 24 hours thing is entirely different. You have to stay in bad for two days.
But I can't stay in bed for two days,
Look, if you don't want medical advice, don't ask me.
I think I will be all right in two day.
I feel for you, but it won't be possible to shake it off for two days. You must have a dangerous cold and it is impossible to get rid of. But, suppose my cold goes away in 24 hours?
That's when it can become the most dangerous. You think it's gone away and then a week later you wake up and it's back.

to feel lousy - cítit se mizerně
to feel for smb - cítit s někým
to feel perfectly well - cítit se skvěle
to get rid of - zbavit se nečeho
to shake off - setřást něco ze sebe
to go away - přejíti odejít
the cold will go away - nachlazení přejde
to be better - cítit se lépe
to sneak up - přiblížit se, přikrást se, (zde: pomalu se uzdravovat)
to be to the point - (Vazba přejatá z francouzštiny vyjadřuje činnost v budoucnosti, kterou se právě mluvčí chystá uskutečnit - read with care the lemma point in your favorite English dictionary).

There is a piece of conversation with a doctor:

What do you complain of ?
I feel lousy, sort of feverish.
Have you got a sore throat ?
No, only a bad headache, but I am constantly sneezing and coughing. I think I caught cold other day.
I see your nose is clogged up (ucpaný) and your voice is hoarse. Do you perspire, (potíte se) while sleeping?
I haven't noticed that.
Strip to the waist and let me examine you, Breathe deeply through the nose ? Your heart, chest and lung seem to be all right. Now open your mouth and show me your tongue.
It's the flu, you will have to stay in bed for a couple of days and drink a lot of tea. I shall prescribe you some pills. You will take it three times a day. I'll prescribe you some medicine too - a table spoonful four times a day.
It will go away soon?
I hope in some days you will shake it off.


A. Visit at DOCTOR'S

Good morning!
Good morning, Miss. What's the matter with you?
I feel bad. I have a headache, and I'm afraid I'm running temperature.
Well, here's the thermometer to take your temperature. I see that you don't look well.
Besides, I have a cold in the head and my throat is sore.

Ten minutes later.

What is your temperature?
(Looking at the thermometer.) Thirty-seven and five.
Now, let's have a look at your throat.
The doctor examines the patient's throat, feels her pulse and listens to her heart and lungs.
You have a bad cold. You must stay in bed for two days until your temperature is normal (po časové spojce musí být přítomný čas, i když vyjadřuje budoucnost) and you stop coughing.
How I hate (hate není tak silné jako v češtině) being ill and staying in bed!
But if you're not careful you may fall ill with the grippe or pneumonia. I'll prescribe some medicine. Ask your mother to go to the chemist's and have the prescription made up.
How do I take the medicine?
A table-spoonful three times a day.
And what should I take for headache?
I'll give you a tablet for headache. But the main thing for you is to go home and stay in bed. Now run home. I don't want to see you walking about. If you don't feel better, call me in. Good-bye.
Thank-you very much and good-bye.


May I come in?
Is that you, Jane ? Come in! It is very good of you come and see me.
I came before but you were too ill to see anybody. Did you get the flowers?
Surely I did. It was very nice of you to send them to me when I was in hospital.
How are you now?
Oh, I'm much better, thank you. The doctor says I can go out in a few days. I shan't be able to go to school for another week though I'll be taking a treatment at the polyclinic.
Did you miss school?
Very much. I'm afraid I'll be lagging behind you in my lessons now.
Don't think about it. We'll all help you gladly. And what was the matter with you? I hear that you have had a very bad time.
It was scarlet fever. When I was taken to hospital I was running a very high temperature. The doctor gave me several injections of penicillin to bring it down.
Did it hurt?
Rather. Then I had a bad pain in the side. At one time the doctor thought that it was appendicitis on top of everything. I was afraid it would mean an operation. But let's not talk of it. I'm glad that it's all over.
The main thing is that you're home and will soon be all right.
Thank you very much for coming. Your visit has cheered me up and done me more good than all the medicine they're giving me...
GIRL A: Good-bye.
GIRL B: Good-bye and come again.


GIRL How do you do.
DENTIST: How do you do. What's the trouble?
GIRL: I have a very bad toothache, but I don't know which tooth it is.
DENTIST: I'll have to examine your teeth first. Open your mouth.
Vera - this is a name of the girl - takes a seat in the chair and opens her mouth.
DENTIST: Oh, here is the bad tooth. Nothing will help it. You must have it pulled out.
GIRL: That's just what I was afraid of. Will the tooth stop hurting?
DENTIST: What a funny thing to say! There won't be any tooth to hurt you. The pain will stop the moment the tooth is pulled out.
GIRL: All right then. Pull it out. The sooner, the better.
DENTIST: Open your mouth again and sit still. It won't hurt, so don't be afraid.
The dentist pulls out the bad tooth and shows it to Vera.
DENTIST: There. Now it won't give you any more trouble.
GIRL: It's all over. I just can't believe it!
DENTIST: Yes, that's all.
GIRL: Thank you very much and good-bye.

. . .

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